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The Home Building Process

Customizing from the Start

The earlier a client comes to us, the better. At Westford Builders, we take a comprehensive approach to homebuilding. Each choice made is one step closer to your dream home. The process starts with a general understanding of your home’s key points, the future home site, and the budget. If you are searching for land, we can help with that. We love to look at a piece of land and the sightlines it offers. We view the natural corridors from all angles and directions. The home’s position and architectural features can be made to provide a grand entrance or a more private one, depending on your desires. The directional layout of a house is especially important in Texas when deciding the placement of windows and porches. Placing windows and porches, so they receive less mid-day summer sun, does wonders for the home’s climate control efficiency.

Home Space Where You Want It

Our discussion with you starts with a blank sheet of paper. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed? For each room and area in the home, we talk through what you want and what isn’t necessary. We sketch out a bubble diagram representing the relative size and location of each room’s space so that you have a visual reference of how your preferences look. There are always some rooms and areas that, while necessary, may not get used often. Those less-used areas don’t need as much square footage.

We save you from wasted square footage because you will have space where you need it, and not where you don’t. What are the private areas vs. the public areas that you want in your home? Your answers guide the placement and arrangement of each room and space. As the relative room size and layout come together, it’s time to discuss the amenities you want. The choices can further influence the size of each space and also the cost. We work with several architects and select the perfect match for your custom home design. We are in all your meetings with the architect to help keep the space, sizing, and arrangement of the home on track.

Your Choices Directly Impact Cost

Regardless of your budget, the choices made for materials and amenities directly affect the building cost. This is a wonderful reality that you can use to your advantage – and we help. We put together a spreadsheet where each material and amenity are listed. As each choice is made, you will see its cost and how it affects the bottom line.

As an example, putting carpet instead of hard flooring in some areas can lessen the price. On the flip-side, you can use higher-priced materials in the areas you want them most, and use more standard amenities in less-used or less essential areas. In this way, you can put your money into the parts of the home where it is most important to you.

We Are Your General Contractor

We drive the entire building process for you and keep everything on track for meeting deadlines. Communication is key. We’re available to respond when needed and can move as quickly as your schedule demands. If you see something you think is wrong, please let us know immediately. Don’t let it fester. It may be an actual problem, something that isn’t finished yet or simply needs a better explanation. We’re here for you to answer all your questions.

Delivery of Your Custom Home

Glory be. When all the planning and construction come together, and your new home is ready, it’s an exciting time! Once you see how everything has come together, it’s a fabulous feeling. We take you through a formal walk-through when ready to close. After you move in, we arrange to go through the house again with you. We take a personal interest in making sure everything is as it should be. Take comfort in the knowledge that there is a 10-year structural warranty. We recommend that you also buy an ancillary policy that covers appliances and HVAC systems.

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