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Homes that stand out

The home that stands out turns heads and demands attention. There are many different approaches to building such a home.

Commanding Location

Location can be crucial. An example of a commanding site is a house on top of a hill. Elevated sites make the home more noticeable, give it presence, and afford the homeowner some incredible views. Where the home is situated on the property is incredibly important and something that cannot be over emphasized. Being drawn into the house from the entry can be a quality of a stand-out home.


The sheer grandeur of a home’s exterior can make it stand out. Magnificence can be accomplished with any style using a design and materials to exemplify that style and push it to the extreme. The quality of the materials used is an important pathway for the home that stands-out. Use of the best materials can be subtle but make a huge difference in the home’s presentation. Stand-out homes can be big and bold, or boldly understated and sleek.

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