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Homes that set the bar

The best of the best is the phrase that comes to mind when describing homes that set the bar. These houses are exceptional in their design and materials and are just a step above the rest.


Some homes set the bar because they have a grandness and commanding presence. They defy being ignored. Often when a home has a grand appearance, it is driven by location. The way a lot is situated in relationship to its surroundings sets the stage for the home. We are masterful at building homes with incredible sight-lines and placement that take full advantage of what the building site offers.

Perfect Balance

A home can also be appreciated for blending into its surroundings with the perfect balance of architecture within a natural setting. In achieving this balance, the home design sets the bar because it is part of the canvas as opposed to creating the scene.

The client’s personality will drive their preferences. Westford Builders is known for building homes that set the bar.

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